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  Americans to impose new side-impact protection standards. 26/5/2004
New regulations proposed in May by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States mean that auto manufacturers will be all but required to equip new vehicles with side-curtain airbags by 2009.

  Too close for comfort. French act against tail-gating. 25/5/2004
Tail-gating is to be automatically monitored on a French motorway as part of a continuing road safety programme set in train last year by the French government.

The trial, which began in mid-May, uses CCTV technology linked to roadside LED signs to detect drivers following too close to the car in front.

  Britain ready to begin road-user charging procurement process. 14/5/2004
Testing of the technology for the British distance-based charging scheme is not expected to begin before 2006 and will continue on into 2007 following the decision by the government to postpone the implementation of the national scheme by two years.

  Floating car data scheme for Stuttgart. 14/5/2004
Authorities in Stuttgart, Germany are to trial a real-time traffic management system based on floating car data as a means of improving the flow of transport.

  EC tries again for tolling interoperability. 7/5/2004
Fresh from the battering it took on its 2003 draft Directive on tolling technologies, the European Commission is back in the ring, this time attempting to modify the work of the CEN committee TC 278, seen as largely responsible for the failure to achieve a pan-European tolling standard.

  Message for the Highways Agency. 26/4/2004
The Highways Agency has begun work on an Active Traffic Management pilot scheme designed to improve the throughput of traffic on a busy stretch of the M42 outside Birmingham in England. Amongst the initiatives to be examined as part of the project are ramp metering and hard-shoulder running, the second of which is to be introduced in the summer of 2005. The first stage of the pilot is due to begin this summer.

  Taxi! A taxi management system for Heathrow. 26/4/2004
Taxis at the world's busiest airport are to be equipped with a new identification system to help regulate the flow of traffic.

  511 Traffic Information Moves Into Fast Lane. 26/4/2004
Drivers in the Bay Area of California have become the first in the US to be offered point to point driving times in an urban environment. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has added on-demand, point-to-point driving times to its 511 phone service and new traffic Website, offering detailed information on traffic conditions through a toll-free 511 system.

  Expert claims car of the future will help avoid crashes. 26/4/2004
A report from the European Transport Safety Council has claimed that intelligent transport systems (ITS) have so far failed to live up to road safety expectations. Road safety has, until recently, been a mere by-product in ITS development and certainly not a central aspect of design say the authors.

In spite of this, a leading automotive engineer has predicted that vehicles of the future will automatically assess information relevant to their surroundings to help avoid crashes and minimize injuries.

  All roads lead to Makkah. 23/4/2004
A major contract, issued by the Saudi Arabian High Commission for Development in Makkah and designed to deal with the huge movement of traffic in the Makkah area, is nearing the end of the planning stages.

  Passing the time in Stockholm. 23/4/2004
Journey-time information is to be made available to drivers in the City of Stockholm following the signing of a three year contract for the provision of road-side CCTV cameras and associated ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software with Dutch-based ARS Traffic & Transport Technology.

  Enterprising view of Berlin. 23/4/2004
Private enterprise is helping to keep Berlin on the move with a public private partnership initiative that has seen the cost of managing the City's traffic flow pass from the state to the private sector.

  XM Satellite Radio to offer real-time traffic alerts to American drivers. 21/4/2004
XM Satellite Radio have teamed up with Navteq and is betting motorists will pay for more accurate and complete traffic updates than they can get on local radio.

  London argues for inclusion in tolling interoperability directive. 21/4/2004
Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has joined the debate surrounding the European Commission's drive towards tolling interoperability with an impassioned plea that cities should be included in any new Directive on the subject. The EC has so far focussed on inter-urban routes and insisted on the migration of all European electronic tolling systems away from DSRC to a satellite-based protocol.

  Infiniti's new "blueprint" safety vehicle. 21/4/2004
Nissan's Infiniti division this year will be the first U.S. company to offer lane departure warning systems, technology that could dramatically cut down on one of the leading causes of highway traffic accidents and could offset the growing concern that drivers have too many distractions from cell phones and entertainment systems.

  European Space Agency launches second phase of ARMAS project. 19/4/2004
A Galileo-based satellite navigation system is a step closer to reality with the launch of the second phase of the ARMAS project in Portugal in March. The 13 month project, which is being developed under a European Space Agency (ESA) contract, is addressing the improvement of road safety and traffic management, and providing satellite-based tolling (Virtual Tolling) to the European road networks. The project is using EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Signal) in preparation for the migration to Galileo post-2008.

  Dutch plan to reward good drivers. 19/4/2004
Dutch transport planners have stood traditional thinking on its head with a new scheme that aims to reward good driving behaviour. As part of the Innovation Programme, the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) has launched a tendering process for its Belonitor pilot project, designed to influence driver behaviour in relation to speed and headway driving.

  UK police acquire new technology against speeding motorists. 19/4/2004
A new framework agreement signed this month by the North Wales Police with a software house for the provision of back-office enforcement procedures will result in a substantial increase in the number of drivers prosecuted for speed and red-light running offences.

  Germans turn to ANPR for fast moving traffic. 15/4/2004
Imminent changes in German legislation are expected to allow state police to deploy mobile ANPR systems for the first time, resulting in an increase in the detection of vehicle related crime and improved road safety.

  Free guide to Paris. 15/4/2004
Drivers in the Rosny-sous-Bois region of Paris are to be offered a new service designed to help them through the congested streets of the French capital.

  Blackwall Tunnel gets new communications system. 15/4/2004
Safety in tunnels has been given a further boost with the news of the development of a new Radio Re-broadcast system that allows both commercial radio and emergency services RF broadcasts to be heard deep within tunnels.

  Free flow information 7/4/2004
The Dutch Traffic Information Serve (Verkeersinfornatic Dienst) has announced the country's first tie-up with a commercial company to provide a comprehensive traffic control and parking guidance scheme in ?

  South African Stud - Intelligent road studs cut accidents on the R66 6/4/2004
The notoriously dangerous R66 in South Africa's Kwa Zulu Natal province has seen a remarkable turnaround in its levels of safety, thanks to the deployment of solar-powered lane markings.

  Truck toll tax too complicated? 6/4/2004
A leading academic has attacked the UK government's plans to introduce a distance-based charging system for lorries as too expensive and ineffective.

  Lyon's View. 6/4/2004
The French city of Lyon has taken advantage of the latest developments in CCTV technology to allow the use of PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras with movement detection software.

  Austria : Real time road traffic analyser. 29/3/2004
A pilot system of traffic analysis using floating-car data, looks set to ease the problems of motorists in Vienna.

  Draft ITS research strategy proposed by UK. 23/3/2004
A strategy designed to guide future governmental policy on ITS is being proposed by the UK's Department for Transport (DfT).

  Call for telematics to improve level crossing safety. 22/3/2004
The introduction of vehicle-roadside communications technologies are being called for by the European Commission to improve safety at rail level crossings.

  Speed camera authorities answer criticism. 22/3/2004
UK camera partnerships are to publish accident data for all safety-camera sites in a bid to regain public confidence in the use of speed cameras as a means of improving road safety.

  Vehicles Safer with ESP. 15/3/2004
New research carried out by the University of Iowa has foiund that vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Programs (ESP) resulted in 34% more drivers retaining control of their vehicles in would-be crash scenarios when compared with non-ESP equipped vehicles. Only about one in ten new vehicles sold last year, were fitted with the technology.

  Synthesed text-to-speech traffic information for French drivers. 8/3/2004
French tolling operator SANEF (Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l'Est de la France), is to provide a limited, automatic text-to-speech, real-time, traffic information service on the French traffic radio, 107.7 FM for drivers in north-east France, including Paris.

  Automatically French. 4/3/2004
As part of its ongoing commitment to the EU's eSafety strategy, the French government is developing a fully automated road traffic enforcement system designed to reduce accidents and improve road safety.

  London gets technical. 4/3/2004
Transport for London is to be begin trials of new technology designed to replace the existing system of congestion charging.

  Crash worthy. 27/2/2004
Basic mistakes in the use of in-vehicle equipment is leading to the loss of young lives, according to two recent surveys.

  Cutting blind spots - proposed EU Directive on rearview mirrors. 27/2/2004
The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers have agreed a new directive on rear view mirrors and supplementary indirect vision systems for motor vehicles.

  German government pulls the plug on Toll Collect 27/2/2004
Germany's ill-fated attempt to launch a national distance-based charging system has collapsed. In an announcement, on 17th February, Berlin announced the ending of the contract with Toll Collect for the provision of the long delayed, satellite-based system of lorry road user charging. The news is a severe blow not only to Toll Collect who have invested heavily in the development of the required technology but to German national pride.

  Irish motorway tolling to be upgraded to ETC 27/2/2004
A consortium led by the Spanish company, Dragados Concesiones de Infraestructuras, has won the contract from the Irish National Roads Authority to extend the M1 Dublin to Belfast motorway and provide electronic tolling facilities on an existing section of the route.

  GALILEO project is off the ground 27/2/2004
The European Commission has confirmed in a communiqué that the Galileo project remains on course to be operational by 2008 while full interoperability with the American GPS was agreed at a meeting in Brussels on 24th and 25th February.

  ISA trials move to Spain. 20/2/2004
ISA trials entered a new phase earlier this year with field trials designed to detect differences in driver behaviour in different parts of Europe. The latest phase of the EU sponsored PROSPER project, which began work in February last year, and which is primarily designed to develop European policy in relation to the use of the technology, is now in the process of comparing the attitudes of drivers in Hungary and Spain.

  UK government floats news ideas on traffic management. 20/2/2004
British motorists could be given the choice of using free lanes on a motorway or paying for the use of additional lanes in the same road.

  Europe looks to high-end telematics to improve road safety. 20/2/2004
The European Commission has announced a major new initiative designed to address developments in in-vehicle technology aimed at improving road safety. The call for project funding proposals, issued by DG Tren and worth around €210 million is for systems that will re-balance and integrate transport modes as well as improving road safety and traffic congestion.

  Safety in Vigilance. 10/2/2004
The French government is taking a keen interest in the trials of a device which, it is hoped, will result in a significant saving of life on the national roads network.

  Remotely influencing. 10/2/2004
An American company has announced its intended launch of an after-market product capable of remotely degrading the engine power of a moving vehicle, through the use of a cellular 'phone.

  Visteon develop High Intensity Discharge lights. 26/1/2004
Visteon is to produce high intensity discharge projector lights that, it claims, produces more light than its halogen counterpart and requires significantly less power from the vehicle's battery to do so.

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