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The following list of links, while not exhaustive, represents companies and organisations with whom Patrick Hook Associates have had some contact - usually in our capacity as journalists. It should be regarded as a starting point for those who want to research an ITS issue. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for. Similarly, if your own address does not appear and your business is in some way connected to the ITS world, let us know. As for news, we are always interested in hearing from anyone with a story to tell - including new contracts, new products, changes in personnel and so on.


Ian Catling Consultancy - International transport consultants with expertise in all aspects of transportation. Based in the UK.

Richard Bishop Consulting Based in the USA, RBC specializes in performing industry analysis and partnership development in the intelligent vehicles domain. Its subsidiary is a cyber-newsletter which provides focused coverage of intelligent vehicle industry developments and research programmes.

Diamond Consulting Services Based in the UK, DCS are the inventors of the patented Idris inductive loops extentively used in Europe and the USA for high accuracy data recording, vehicle classification etc.

WS Atkins is a UK based traffic and transport consultancy and engineering company with international connections.

FaberMaunsell is a UK based traffic and transport consultancy and engineering company with international connections.


Advanced Communications and Information Systems (ACIS), Cambridge, England, supply real-time passenger information systems.

Astucia is a British company producing a range of intelligent road studs including those incorporating speed cameras, solar cells (for night-time lighting) and radio communications linked to traffic lights.

Delphi Automotive Systems of Kokomo, Ind. are manufacturers of electronic compnents for automobiles including air-bag, audio, braking, safety and suspension systems.

EIS Electronic Integrated Systems Inc. of Toronto, Ontario are the producers of the RTMS Vehicle Detection Sensor based on radar technology.

Electronic System Concepts (ESC) in Grosswallstadt,Germany are concerned with the mobile Web. Recently bought by Astucia (see above) and hoping to exploit their Automotive Web System concept.

Golden River Traffic Ltd is based outside Oxford, England and manufactures equipment for the counting and classification of traffic for use in journey-time and other systems.

Hella is a German company producing intelligent in-vehicle systems including intelligent lighting that complies with ECE Regs R98 and R112 for the European Union. It is also currently producing an optical lane depature warning system.

Initial Systems are systems integrators for traffic management solutions. They were responsible for the design, build and supply of the CCTV system employed for the London congestion charging system.

Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH is an international company, headquartered in Germany, with decades of leadership in the embedded computing industry. Its vision is to provide its customers with highly reliable and readily available quality engineered solutions for industrial computing needs, including those within the transport sector. The company recently collaborated with Artibrain, the German research group in the production of hardware for an advanced CCTV surveillance system.

Panasonic Automotive Systems of America supplies in-vehicle, multi-media systems and components. Is part of the Panasonic Group of Japan.

Peek Traffic is a multi-national company dealing with all aspects of traffic technology. In Stockholm the company has been responsible for the video detction system in the soon to be opened Sodra Lanken tunnel.

PTV is based in Karlsruhe, Germany and provides transportation planning and traffic control solutions, including data-mining, strategic planning systems and traffic-flow simulations.

RAM Mobile Data are specialists in the supply of GPRS (General Packet Data Signals) communications systems. Their systems are fitted in the police vehicles of most UK forces.

Siemens designs, manufactures and supports high technology traffic and highways systems. From junction controls to complete urban traffic management solutions, it creates technology that improves road safety.

Steria is a European IT services provider whose work has included the updating of the traffic control system on 600Km of urban roads around Paris, France.

TRW Automotive are US-based vehicle safety technologists with world-wide influence. In the early part of 2003, the company was acquired by the Blackstone Group of investment bankers. The company continues to be heavily involved in the ITS market.

Vigilant is an aftermarket inter-vehicle warning system using radio transmissions. Formed in 1996, Vigilant patented the concept which has been successfully tested by the French Ministry of Transport and has since been improved with GPS functionality and voice transmissions to define the type of alert.


American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

California Department of Transportation, CALTRANS.

Connekt Programme is a Dutch public/private co-operative that provides ITS solutions for transport in The Netherlands.

Certu is the French centre for studies on urban planning, transport, utilities and public construction. The Web site is in English, Spanish and French.

CORDIS Calls for proposals, including those for the European Framework programmes. Also contains a European database of research findings.

Europe Conference of Ministers of Transport - providing general information on policy and research within the EU. Reports of events and publications and on-line documents.

European Commission - providing general information and an introduction to the EU institutions. Aslo contains daily, official information service and links to other EU and government servers.

European Investment Bank

European New Car Assessment Programme

European Parliament - providing parliamentary agendas, press releases and other information.

European Transport Safety Council

German Ministry of Transport(BMVBW)

Highways Agency - responsible to the government as the roads network operator of England.

ITS-Assist - the body set up by the British government to spread best ITS practice within the UK.

Irish National Roads Authority.

Japanese Ministry of Construction.

Minnesota Dept of Transportation, Guidestar Programme.

Netherlands Ministry of Transport.

Stockholm Real Estate and Traffic Administration. (Web site in Swedish only. The English language entry gives the visitor information about the City). The Administration has overall responsibility for a number of areas including highway maintenance and traffic surveillance in Stockholm. It is primarily a procurement organization that has responsibility in this field for traffic services and traffic surveillance.

Swedish National Roads Administration.

Swiss Department of Engineering.

UK Department for Transport.

US Bureau of Transportation.

US National Transportation Safety Board.

US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

US Federal Highway Administration.

US Federal Transit Administration.

US Bus Rapid Transit.

US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

US National Transportation Research Centre.


Self-Sime is based in Geneva-Voltri, Italy and is a producer of video-based monitoring and incident detection systems.

Robot Visual Systems GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of traffic safety equipment. Based in Monheim, Germany, the company produces the Traffipax and Multanova brand products. It has representatives in over 60 countries. The Traffipax camera is used for speed enforcement purposes by the police of several countries.

Jenoptik GmbH is a German company producing laser and video-based speed detection equipment for police forces around the world. Recently took over Robot Visual Systems GmbH.

Traffic Safety Systems of Aylesbury in England are systems integrators for a range of safety and traffic enforcement systems, including ANPR for the UK police and crowd video monitoring equipment.

Truvelo(UK) Ltd produces camera-based speed detection equipment. Has recently produced a digital system type approved for use in the UK.

PMI are the Danish-based manufacturer of the Provida range of speed detection devices, including the widely used Pilot that is now used in conjunction with the vehicle-mounted video cameras provided by the same company.


Auto Express is a non-specialist UK publication dealing with all aspects of current and near-future automobiles.

BBC Top Gear is a general interest motoring magazine published by the BBC and covering news and feature articles on the motor car.

CCTV Today is a magazine dealing with all aspects of closed circuit telivision, including traffic monitoring and intelligent traffic control. Centres on the UK market.

Eye for Transport - on-line publication containing free-to-view news and features on the ITS industry around the world. www.eyefortransport

Inside ITS - subscription only magazine dealing with ITS issues within the North American continent.

ITS International - an English language magazine dealing exclusively with ITS issues. Web site contains news and features relating to the ITS world.

IV Source - an English language cyber news source on ITS issues from around the world. Based in the USA.

Road Traffic Technology - on-line publication providing free-to-view features and advertorials concerning ITS issues and products. Based in the UK.

The Intelligent Highway - an American publication, the Intelligent Highway covers the European ITS scene and, like its sister publication, Inside ITS, is only available on subscription. The Web page contains news and features available on payment.

Toll Road News - A US-based publication.

Traffic Technology International - a UK-based, internationally circulated print magazine on ITS issues. Contains news, features and analysis, principally of a technical nature.


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ARS, based in Den Haag in The Netherlands, produces a route guidance system for that country, based on GPS and RDS-TMC technologies.

Cross Country Automotive Services are the American producers of an off-board navigation system aimed at the lower price levels.

ITIS Holdings is a British company that has developed a route guidance system using probe vehicles.

NavTech, an American based electronic mapping company with extensive coverage of America, Europe and the Middle East.

TargaInfomobility, part of the Fiat Group, Targa is based in Milan and has recently launched its 'off-board' navigation system for the Fiat Punto.

Tele Atlas the electronic mapping company whose major shareholders are Robert Bosch and IAM. Has extensive mapping cover in America and Europe.

Trafficmaster is a British company producing vehicle navigation and route guidance systems in Britain and the Detroit area of the USA.

Webraska Mobile Technologies of Maisons-Laffitte, France. The company's turn-by-turn navigation software is aimed at Tier-One suppliers to vehicle manufacturers. The Java-based version of its navigation technology is to be used in hand-held devices and terminals integrated within vehicles.


California-Berkeley University, PATH.

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne is a research institute in Switzerland dealing with traffic issues and their solutions.

Korea University Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems.

La Route Automatisée.

Leeds University, Institute of Transport Studies.

Napier University, Edinburgh, Transport Research Institute.

Newcastle University. Transport Operations Research Group.

Oxford University, Transport Studies Unit.

Robotics Institute, at the Carnegie-Mellon University.

Sintef is the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Roads and Transport. It is based in Trondheim.

Southampton University, Transportation Research Group.

The Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

The Netherlands Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics.

University College, London, Centre for Transport Studies

Westminster University, Transport Studies Group


Artibrain Forschungs-u. Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH is a Vienna-based research and development society whose work has included the development of intelligent CCTV surveillance systems for tunnels. The system is due for deployment in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

AVV Transport Research Centre, is based in Delft, in The Netherlands. It is currently in the process of developing its Pilot GRIPS (Graphical Route Information Panel)project, a system of intelligent road signs that provide real-time information, in graphical form, of upcoming traffic conditions.

Cambridge Consultants Ltd, an electronics research and development company based in Cambridge, England, it has recently developed a low-speed collision avoidance system based on 5.8GHz.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, includes researcher support and training programmes for engineers and scientists. Also contains outline of programme priorities, news and enquiry information.

European Highway Research Laboratories

Inrets is the National Institute for Transport and Safety Research in France. It is based in Arcueil Cedex.

Inria, based at La Chesney, France is the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control.

MIRA is a UK-based research organisation dealing exclusively with the motor industry. It is, with the University of Leeds, responsible for the UK's Intelligent Speed Adaptation programme.

Telematics Valley is an association of intelligent transport system suppliers and researchers based in Gotherberg, Sweden.

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) was formally part of the UK government's research capability into traffic and transport issues. Now independent, it produces research reports on ITS and other transport related subjects.

Zentrum fur Technologiefolgen-Abschatzung TA-Swiss is the Swiss centre for technology assessment. It recently published a report aimed at generating debate within Switzerland on the use of transport telematics.


Ertico ITS Europe

ISO - International Standards Organisation

ITS America

ITS Australia

ITS France


ITS New Zealand

ITS Norway



Efkon is an Austrian company producing multi-lane, Infra Red, high-speed, ETC (elctronic toll collect) systems.

Perceptics - an American-based company dealing in ANPR readers, access control, parking mangement and electronic toll enforcement systems.

Princip is a Czechoslovakian company producing distance-based charging equipment.

Q-Free, a Norwegian company specialising in electronic tolling systems using DSRC technology that is fully compliant ith the EU pre-standards on DSRC at 5.8 GHz.


Addco provide a complete traffic management solution. Producers of the Virtual Transportation Operations Centre or VTOC, the system is designed to allow traffic control from a laptop.

Traffic Solutions are suppliers of electronic signs including VMS and variable speed limit signs. They are based in New Zealand.


IMS Chips is based in Stuttgart, Germany and produces high resolution CMOS technology video equipment for use under poor lighting conditions.

Image Sesnsing Systems Incorp, based in the USA and produces image processing systems for traffic and general surveillance work.

Seeing Machines - this company is a spin-off from the National University of Australia, based in Canberra. Amongst its developments is a driver distraction system based on cameras watching a driver's face. The system, faceLAB, is currently under trial with Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks.

Trafficon Video Detection - company is based in Bissegem, Belgium and deals in traffic detection system that are based on video image processing.

Tyco Intrnational is a multi-national company dealing with a wide range of goods and services including those within the ITS industry such as video surveillance. A wholly owned subsidiary is Tyco Integrated Systems.

Startraq is a software house producing solutions for trafic management control. Projects have included software allowing for fast identification of offenders caught by surveillance cameras. System includes full back-office procedures prior to a court appearance.


Cardinalscale is an American company which produces in-motion weighing and monitoring systems for commercial vehicle testing purposes.

Sterela of Pins-Justaret, France provides solutions for weigh-in-motion, wireless counting, traffic analysis and road eather systems.