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Draft ITS research strategy proposed by UK. 23/3/04
A strategy designed to guide future governmental policy on ITS is being proposed by the UK's Department for Transport (DfT).

Comments are being sought on the draft Evidence and Research Strategy, a copy of which is available on the DfT Web site. The purpose of the strategy will be to guide the Department's spending of its annual research budget of 65 million a year and ensure that support is given to those systems which demonstrate an ability to reduce congestion, improve road safety and improve environmental sustainability.

"The strategy," said Chris Riley, Chief Economist at the DfT, "sets out what we see as key evidence gaps and priorities." Among some of the priorities identified by the draft strategy are a clearer understanding of the potential of new ITS technologies, understanding the role of information in reducing congestion and understanding the implications of new technologies on safety.

Acknowledging the difficult policy decisions that lie ahead in relation to ITS developments, including distance-based charging, intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) and co-operative vehicle highway systems (CVHS), the draft document says, "A key and difficult future policy challenge is to inject integration into the way ITS is being developed so that solutions are complementary."

The strategy will hope to address such issues as the issues of privacy, data secrity, data protection and other more general ethical considerations that are likely to arise from the continued deployment of ITS such as electronic vehicle identification systems.

The consultation period on the draft strategy ends on 15th July 2004.

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