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Lyon's view - French city gets PTZ cameras with movement detection functionality. 6/4/04
The French city of Lyon has taken advantage of the latest developments in CCTV technology to allow the use of PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras with movement detection software.

A contract with the Paris-based, image processing specialists Citilog, will see a total of sixty new cameras being installed on the City's ring road in a staged implementation programme due for completion in December next year. The deployment of the dual-function cameras means that, for the first time, the highways authority will be able to vary the field-of-vision of the cameras to meet changing circumstances without loss of the movement detection capability.

"The software on our VisionPad system," said Jean-Marie Guyon, an Area Manager with Citilog, "allows for the automatic re-calibration of the field-of-vision of the camera so that, within 60 seconds of being panned to a new position, the camera is once again working to detect incidents."

Within a few seconds of an incident being detected, the system automatically captures the previous 60 seconds of video recording and retains it in its memory while continuing to record a further two minutes of subsequent events. At the same time, it sends an audible warning to the operator in the control centre.

"One of the advantages of the VisionPad," said Guyon, "is that it can be used with any existing CCTV camera, digital or analogue, through a matrix controller. It is not dependant upon any particular focal length or field of view and will automatically adjust to a new field-of-view in about one minute to begin recording at 5 frames per second."

For further information contact:
Jean-Marie Guyon, Citilog, 5 avenue d'Italie, 75013 Paris. Tel #33 1 53 94 53 95. E-mail:
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