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Free flow information. 7/4/04
The Dutch Traffic Information Serve (Verkeersinfornatic Dienst) has announced the country's first tie-up with a commercial company to provide a comprehensive traffic control and parking guidance scheme in ?

Under the terms of the contract with traffic management specialists Vialis, data from publicly owned traffic information detection systems will be combined with commercially obtained traffic information needed to guide drivers to city-centre parking lots to provide detailed, real-time information to drivers.

"Traffic management systems tend to be confined to the primary routes into the city centre," said Michel Vesseur, the communications manager for the Netherlands-based Vialis. "Our traffic control and parking guidance systems have needed to cover the rest of the city's streets so it made sense to combine the data to provide wider traffic information. It means utilising data from sources designed for one function for a totally different purpose. We now provide that information to commercial radio stations and post it onto the city's network of VMS."

For further information contact:
1. Michel Vesseur, Communications Manager, Vialis. Tel: #31 2351892 07, E-mail: or
2. Freek van der Valk, International Business Unit Manager, Vialis. Tel: #31 2351892 64, E-mail:
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