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Germans turn to ANPR for fast moving traffic. 15/4/04
Imminent changes in German legislation are expected to allow state police to deploy mobile ANPR systems for the first time, resulting in an increase in the detection of vehicle related crime and improved road safety.

Expected to be first in line, the State of Hessia in the German Federal Republic will be followed, in about September this year, by Bavaria in allowing the automatic surveillance of vehicle number plates by the police.

Tendering for the contract to supply the ANPR software and associated hardware is not expected to begin until after the passing of the relevant legislation in May but companies like Weisbaden-based Vitronic Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH are already preparing themselves. The company used the recent InterTraffic show in Amsterdam to announce the launch of its PoliScan surveillance , a system designed to read number plates of vehicles whether stationary or in free-flow, high speed conditions. The fully automated system will, claims the company, read the number plates of all European and a number of other countries and be used to enforce current legislation using the principles set out by the VERA2 Project.

"At the moment," Friedrich Neuhaus, technical sales manager for Vitronic, "a police officer has to send a message to the Federal data-base of vehicles and owners asking for a check to be carried out. This will take a minute or so to complete, during which time other vehicles will have passed through the check point. The new automated process takes a split second and will deal with vehicles travelling at up to 175kph. There is little doubt that if the system is seen to work in Hessia and Bavaria, it will spread to the rest of the country."

For further information contact:
Friedrich Neuhaus, Technical Sales Manager, Vitronic GmbH, Tel: #49 611 7152 237, E-mail:
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