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UK police acquire new technology against speeding motorists. 19/4/04
A new framework agreement signed this month by the North Wales Police with a software house for the provision of back-office enforcement procedures will result in a substantial increase in the number of drivers prosecuted for speed and red-light running offences.

The framework agreement reached with StarTraq (UK) Ltd, a London based software house specialising in the provision of back-office automated processes, will initially involve just five of the over 50 police forces in the UK, including North Wales, Bedfordshire, Greater Manchester, Kent and Derbyshire.

The software provides a complete audit trail for the documentation involved in tracing and prosecuting alleged offenders, from the initial search of the photographic database and the enquiries needed to trace the owner/driver, through to the preparation of the summons, if this becomes necessary.

Capable of reading 35mm wet film, digital images and video evidence, the StarTraq system will, claims the company, save many hundreds of hours of police time and result in all offenders being processed by the system.

"Currently," said Allan Freinkel, CEO of StarTraq, "back office staff has to search through several hours of video recordings to determine if an offence has been detected. Our system will do this for them in seconds. The same is true for other features of the system, including automatic hand writing recognition, the storage of correspondence, including letters written by the defendant, and the production of generic letters/notices to be sent out."

The company is hoping that this early success will result in other forces taking advantage of the framework agreement to acquire the system.

For further information contact:
Allan Freinkel, CEO StarTraq, London, England, Tel:#44 208 457 2910, E-mail:
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