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Dutch plan to reward good drivers. 19/4/04
Dutch transport planners have stood traditional thinking on its head with a new scheme that aims to reward good driving behaviour. As part of the Innovation Programme, the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) has launched a tendering process for its Belonitor pilot project, designed to influence driver behaviour in relation to speed and headway driving.

According to Project Manager Undine Mazureck of the AVV Transport Research Centre within the Ministry, the project "aims to make a contribution to the reduction of the negative impact of traffic and transport by urging traffic participants to change their behaviour".

During the pilot, involving a number of leased-cars, the volunteer drivers will be rewarded for their positive driving behaviour. They will be able to view the points they have accumulated each day by visiting the Belonitor website and be able to exchange the points they have saved at the lease company for a (yet unspecified) reward.

The drivers' behavior will be registered by in-car equipment, thereby providing drivers with constant feedback on their driving behavior and reward points will be automatically calculated using a complex formulae involving a system of 'points correction'.

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