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European Space Agency launches second phase of ARMAS project. 19/4/04
A Galileo-based satellite navigation system is a step closer to reality with the launch of the second phase of the ARMAS project in Portugal in March. The 13 month project, which is being developed under a European Space Agency (ESA) contract, is addressing the improvement of road safety and traffic management, and providing satellite-based tolling (Virtual Tolling) to the European road networks. The project is using EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Signal) in preparation for the migration to Galileo post-2008.

After successful completion of the first phase of the project, covering an initial system architecture definition, feasibility assessment, and proof-of-concept demonstrations, the ESA has awarded the one million Euro contract for the development of the second phase, to a consortium of European companies led by Skysoft Portugal.

The major objectives of this phase of ARMAS (Active Road Management Assisted by Satellite) are to perform live trials that demonstrate and validate a number of functionalities, including tolling, based on satellite positioning on highways and urban areas (Zone Tolling); advanced warning message provision to drivers; and an S.O.S. request service.

The primary focus will be on the demonstration of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) particularly EGNOS, and cellular network technologies, to the area of electronic fee collection for roads/urban zones.

During the project, detailed studies will be carried out addressing GNSS positioning and geographical information issues (regarding aspects such as accuracy, availability and integrity), standardization, security, interoperability and fraud detection and prevention. Initial trials for assessing particular critical issues (GNSS positioning, Fraud Detection, etc.) will take place in London and The Hague during May and June 2004. The final project demonstrations will take place in Portugal, Ireland and The Netherlands in March 2005.

The ARMAS Phase II includes LogicaCMG from The Netherlands, Mapflow from Ireland, road infrastructure operators Auto-Estradas do Atlântico, Brisa and Lusoponte, hardware manufacturers SetCom and Delphi-Grundig, telecom companies TMN and PT Inovação, and research institutes IDMEC / IST, and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft AIS from Germany.

For further information contact:
Antonio Costa or Lara Prospero GCI Group, Skysoft Portugal Tel: +351 21 382 93 66 Email: or
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