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XM Satellite Radio to offer real-time traffic alerts to American drivers. 21/4/04
XM Satellite Radio have teamed up with Navteq and is betting motorists will pay for more accurate and complete traffic updates than they can get on local radio.

The satellite radio service, best known for offering 100 channels of music and talk that can be heard across the country, is getting ready to launch its new XM NavTraffic system using the newly released Navteq Traffic service which reckons to cull traffic related information from a number of sources.

Unlike today's radio traffic alerts, the new technology will actually display where roads are clogged on a vehicle navigation screen, making it possible for a motorist to plot out another route. The new service will debut on the new Acura RL, with General Motors quickly following with an option for its Cadillac division. Both carmakers own stakes in XM.

Service will start in a handful of markets including New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. The satellite service company is partnering on the traffic project with Chicago-based Navteq, one of the leaders in onboard navigation mapping systems.

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