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Passing the time in Stockholm. 23/4/04
Journey-time information is to be made available to drivers in the City of Stockholm following the signing of a three year contract for the provision of road-side CCTV cameras and associated ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software with Dutch-based ARS Traffic & Transport Technology.

The existence of the high number of bridges necessary to link the 14 islands on which Stockholm is built has always raised problems of traffic-flow peculiar to the City. With this in mind, the SLK (Stadsledningskontoret), the City of Stockholm authority, decided that it needed accurate information on the movement of traffic ahead of its proposed congestion charging system due next year. The new CTT (City Travel Time) system, which is expected to become operational later this year, will rely on 150 CCTV cameras feeding near real-time data over a GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) communications link to a server in The Hague in neighbouring Holland.

"Doing it this way," said Ron Hendriks of Netherlands-based Global Image, "means that the financial risk for the Stockholm authorities is minimal. The contract allows them to pay only for the data they receive without the need to pay for either the cameras or the server."

The infra-red cameras, covering 50 of the major routes into and out of the City of Stockholm will take rear-view digital images of vehicle index plates and immediately scramble them to ensure privacy. Every 15 minutes the data will be sent, via a GPRS link, to a central server in The Hague. Here the data from all the cameras will be analysed before being sent back to Stockholm for posting on the SLK Web site.

"The system is intended to allow the City authorities to make traffic management decisions based on real-time information," said Hendriks. "It should also help them in their plans for congestion charging for the City, next year."

The installation of the travel times system will be made jointly with the Swedish company Elektro Sandberg Traffic AB.

For further information contact:
ARS Traffic & Transport Technology, Tel: +31 703 608 559, Fax: +31 703 656 468, E-mail:
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