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Taxi! 26/4/04
Taxis at the world's busiest airport are to be equipped with a new identification system to help regulate the flow of traffic.

Regulating the flow of hundreds of taxis a day so as to reduce congestion in the central area of London's Heathrow Airport, BAA (British Airports Authority)has signed a contract with Netherlands-based Nedap for the provision of an advanced vehicle and driver identification system that will be integrated with a central management system.

Congestion at Heathrow has long been a serious problem with all road-traffic required to enter and leave through one tunnel to join the main routes to central London. All taxis are currently required to join a queuing system at a perimeter holding station and are then called as required. The new system will, it is hoped, lead to fewer delays for passengers and shorter waiting times for drivers in the central area.

The new system is expected to be fully operational by the end of the summer.

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