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Floating car data scheme for Stuttgart. 14/5/04
Authorities in Stuttgart, Germany are to trial a real-time traffic management system based on floating car data as a means of improving the flow of transport.

Currently confined to a relatively small area of the city, 'floating' cars are equipped with GPS receivers, radio transmitter and computer processor and travel on pre-determined routes within the pilot area. Information gathered from the incoming data is compared with standard journey times for the same route to give warning of any congestion. Any changes in journey times are automatically reflected in the ATS (automatic traffic signal) phasing as part of the larger urban traffic control scheme.

The scheme is designed not only to improve general and public transport journey times but also to bring about a reduction in pollution caused by stop-go conditions, particularly amongst larger vehicles. The technology is being supplied by the Denkendorf-based company, M-Tech Technologies und Beteiligungs.

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