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Visteon develop High Intensity Discharge lights. 26/1/04
Visteon is to produce high intensity discharge projector lights that, it claims, produces more light than its halogen counterpart and requires significantly less power from the vehicle's battery to do so. Soon to be fitted to the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette, the new HID Projector headlamps deliver approximately double the light output of the average halogen headlamp, requiring 42 watts for the low beam as against a halogen's 55 watts.

The additional lighting capacity is derived from an electric arc inside a xenon gas filled capsule while the projector system produces, according to the company, less glare than an HID reflector system. In road safety terms, this is likely to be a significant advantage and will be achieved by installing a physical shield, preventing any light from shining above the line of the horizon

Further information, contact:
Robin Pannecouk, +1-313-755-9121,, Greg Gardner, +1-313-755-0927,, both of Visteon Corporation or
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