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Europe looks to high-end telematics to improve road safety. 20/2/04
The European Commission has announced a major new initiative designed to address developments in in-vehicle technology aimed at improving road safety. The call for project funding proposals, issued by DG Tren and worth around 210 million is for systems that will re-balance and integrate transport modes as well as improving road safety and traffic congestion.

Projects will be expected to deal with telematic systems designed to avoid obstacles and the integration of telematics support leading to improved levels of communication between vehicles and control and management systems.

High on the list of priorities set by DG Tren are projects capable of delivering improved road safety and a reduction in congestion through technology, a theme already being developed through the eSafety programme.

Mindful of the role expected to be played by the Galileo GNSS infrastructure in providing new opportunities for telematic-based services, the call for tenders envisages satellite navigation systems capable of "stabilising vehicle trajectory with respect to lateral and longitudinal displacement" as well as regulating vehicle speed and separation with high accuracy and reliability. The proposals, worth a total of 60 million, will dovetail nicely with work currently in progress with the PROSPER project looking at ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaptation) policies.

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