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Cutting blind spots - proposed EU Directive on rearview mirrors. 27/2/04
The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers have agreed a new directive on rear view mirrors and supplementary indirect vision systems for motor vehicles.

The plan opens the way for new technologies to give better indirect vision for all drivers. The main changes include increasing the mandatory minimum field of vision for certain vehicles, mounting additional mirrors on some and replacing certain mirrors with other vision systems such as CCTV cameras. The new rules should be visible on new models from 2005 onwards, with a gradual phasing in up to 2010.

Most leading vehicle manufacturers have produced or are currently in the process of producing CCTV-based rear-view systems and hat the new Directive will allow is for a change in national construction and use regulations, permitting the use of the new technology in place of mirrors. Current legislation in all European, American and Asian countries insists on the fitting of mirrors for rear-view vision.

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